Suboxone Treatment


Opioids are powerful narcotic drugs that can be highly effective at treating pain, yet also highly addictive.  Signs of opioid dependence include:

  • Having to increase drug dosage to reach the same effect
  • Experiencing withdraw symptoms when not using
  • Persistently trying to stop using, unsuccessfully
  • Spending a lot of time and money obtaining drugs
  • Prioritizing drugs over family, friends and work
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Treating opioid dependence.  This involves an extensive assessment, conducted by a physician, addressing both the psychological and physical aspects of addiction.  Following the assessment, patients may undergo a doctor supervised induction in the clinic to ensure a normal reaction to the medication by the patient.

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Follow up appointments.  After the first appointment, patients are required to schedule a follow up to ensure that the dosage is appropriate.  The dosage may be adjusted to alleviate any discomfort that the patients may experience.  Patients will then be required to schedule follow up appointments every 28 days to ensure progression.  Counseling is required as part of the treatment plan. 


Recovery.  After several months, as per physician's recommendation, patients will be gradually tapered off of medication by lowering the daily dosage until patients no longer require medication.  

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